DCG A-Level Virtual Taster Evening:

All A-Level courses are based at the Joseph Wright Centre.

Wednesday 30th June 2021

4pm - 6pm (pre-registration is required)

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting an A-Levels Virtual Taster Evening to support students who are considering taking A-Levels at the Joseph Wright Centre in September 2021. You will be able to attend up to 4 Virtual Taster sessions during the event to make sure your chosen subjects are something you will enjoy. See below the breakdown of what Virtual Tasters you can join.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have already been invited to this event by us directly, you don't need to register here as well. Simply use the link provided in your email.


Timetable of Virtual Tasters:








Biology Taster 1


Biology Taster 2



Business Studies




Business Studies Taster 1


Business Studies Taster 2





Chemistry Taster 1



Chemistry Taster 2


Computer Science


Computer Science Taster 1



Computer Science Taster 2





Criminology Taster 1


Criminology Taster 2


Criminology Taster 3


Criminology Taster 4




Economics Taster 1


Economics Taster 2




English Language


English Language Taster 1


English Language Taster 2


English Language Taster 3 



English Literature



English Literature Taster 1



English Literature Taster 2


Film Studies


The ONLY Film Studies Taster





Fine Art


Fine Art Taster 1


Fine Art Taster 2








The ONLY French Taster





Geography Taster 1


Geography Taster 2








The ONLY Geology Taster





History Taster 1


History Taster 2




IT – Application Developer





The ONLY IT - Application Developer Taster




Law Taster 1




Law Taster 2


Applied Law



Applied Law Taster 1

Applied Law Taster 2





Mathematics Taster 1



Mathematics Taster 2


Certificate in Maths


Certificate in Maths Taster 1


Certificate in Maths Taster 2



Media Studies



Media Studies Taster 1


Media Studies Taster 2






The ONLY Music Taster






Philosophy Taster 1

Philosophy Taster 2




The ONLY Physics Taster








Politics Taster 1

Politics Taster 2



Psychology Taster 1

Psychology Taster 2 

Psychology Taster 3

Psychology Taster 4

Applied Psychology



The ONLY Applied Psychology Taster





Sociology Taster 1

Sociology Taster 2 

Sociology Taster 3

Sociology Taster 4






The ONLY Spanish Taster

Sports Coaching & Development


The ONLY Sports Coaching & Development Taster 









The ONLY Textiles Taster



Please note: Pre-registration is required for this event. Register Now

We will send a dedicated event link to your email on the day you register. This will become active 15 minutes before the event is about to start. If you would like to attend more than one of our virtual events, you will need to register for each one seperately.


Find out how our Inclusion & Support team can help you during Covid-19: Inclusion Covid-19 Support Page


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We look forward to E-Meeting You!

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