Jim's Blog from the Skills Festival

I think it's safe to say that there is never a really a dull moment for me, but after the relative calm of the summer holidays this week has been mental! 93 new equine students have started at Derby College ranging from Yr 10 & 11 school groups & Apprentices to our full time L2 & L3 students. I know they have come to learn practical, theory and riding skills on the big guys, but it doesn't stop them all from having a snuggle (and a sneaky selfie) with me too! Of course I love it, although towards the end of the week, they had to make do with pictures of me lying down .... I am not being big headed or anything (I can't be as if you have seen me you will see that my head is very small and cute!), but being the star attraction is exhausting!

So, I was apparently at something called The Skills Festival, where Year 11s go to find out about progression options after GCSEs. I was there to represent the big guys back at the stables at Derby College Equestrian Centre ... I heard the word Ambassador being used which made my little chest swell a bit! I couldn't believe what else I saw too .... I know I looked like I was eating but between mouthfuls and through my parted forelock the options for progression are amazing .... Soldiers with Busbies on, a bike which powered a kettle, scrummy smoothies, robots and loads and loads of people offering advice. I must say I rather hope that I might have been enrolled on the Special Effects make up course .... Sounds great, I could practice by drawing injuries on the Big Guys and giggle as the members of staff gasp in horror!Anyway, I was bundled into the horse box and off I went to The Roundhouse where I was settled into a pen on one of the lawns.

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