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Thank you for your interest in studying with Derby College

The application form on our website has now closed.

It’s not too late to enrol!

To find out about the range of opportunities available to you, please come to one of the enrolment events listed below.


If you are working with a company and would like to become an apprentice, please call 01332 387424 or email apprenticeships@derby-college.ac.uk who will be happy to meet with you and employer.

Enrolment Events

Date Event Time Locations
Thursday 23rd August 2018 Advice and Guidance 12 noon - 7:00 pm Broomfield
Joseph Wright
Tuesday 28th August 2018* Open Enrolment 9.30 am - 4.30 pm Broomfield
Joseph Wright
Wednesday 29th August 2018* Open Enrolment 9.30 am - 7:00 pm Broomfield
Joseph Wright
Thursday 30th August 2018* Open Enrolment 9.30 am - 4.30 pm Broomfield
Joseph Wright
Friday 31st August 2018* Open Enrolment 9.30 am - 12.30 pm Broomfield
Joseph Wright
Saturday 1st September 2018 Open Enrolment 9.00 am - 12.00 pm Roundhouse (All sites will be represented at this event)
Friday 7th September 2018* Open Enrolment 9.30 am - 3.00 pm Broomfield
Joseph Wright

*please note: you will only be able to enrol on a course, if the course is delivered at that site and the enrolment process can take approximately half a day.

What to bring

When you come to Open Enrolment you will need to bring:

  • Proof of all examination results (results slips/certificates)
  • Proof of ID e.g. Passport, National Insurance Number, Driving Licence, Bank Card
  • Two contact numbers and an email address of your parents/guardians or emergency contact

Please note

Improvements to Derby Train Station will mean the roads around The Roundhouse will be extremely busy. We have set up drop off points at the Hudson and Johnson Buildings, The Roundhouse is also just a short walk from Derby City Centre.

2021 Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) Appeals Process

Student’s unequivocal Right to a Review and Appeal

  • All students, whose grades are subject to the TAG process will have the right to instruct the college to conduct a Centre Review and where they disagree with the outcome of that review, request that the Centre submis an appeal to the Awarding Body on behalf of themselves, in relation to their TAG.
  • The College will have no discretion regarding such a review; and they will be obliged to submit the appeal to the Awarding Body.

Grounds of Appeal – Responsibility of the student

  • The student will be responsible for outlining what their grounds of appeal are.
  • There are three grounds of appeal:
    1. Procedural (i.e. - the College has not abided by its’ own policies and procedures)
    2. Administrative (i.e. – the College or Awarding Body have awarded an incorrect grade by mistake)
    3. Academic Judgements (i.e. – whether the teacher failed to used a holistic, accurate and reasonable ‘basket of evidence’ in determining the TAG)

Grounds of Appeal:

a) Procedural

b) Administrative

c) Academic Judgements

  • Procedural Errors – This is where a centre has failed to follow their own policies and procedures. The centre’s written procedure will contain a summary of appropriate evidence to be used. Therefore, the appeals process will focus upon what evidence was selected, and whether or not it was in line with a Centre’s own policies and procedures.
  • Administrative errors – This is where either the centre or Awarding Organisation has made an administrative error in relation to a student’s TAG.
  • Academic Judgements – This is where the original TAG judgement failed to be informed by a holistic, accurate and reasonable ‘basket of evidence’. Where a student challenges the TAG judgement, and suggests the use of alternative evidence, the question remains whether the original judgement was reasonable / unreasonable; and not whether the evidence suggested by the student, was or might have been as or more appropriate.
    • Corrective Results

      • Where a TAG is judged to be too high or too low due to an error in one of the above, it will be referred to as ‘incorrect’ and it is Awarding Organisations who make the final decision whether to correct the result, and what the revised result should be.

About Derby College

The Derby College Group is accountable for meeting the needs of its community, both business and civic.

Mandie Stravino - derby college ceo

DCG plays a pivotal role in providing academic, vocational and technical education in Derby and Derbyshire, as well as the wider Midlands region.

Responsible for generating the future talent required by business, DCG ensures that the local workforce is equipped with the skills, education, attitudes and behaviours that employers require to compete in a challenging economic environment.

The provision is driven by market intelligence, local priorities, and economic requirements and through strategic discussion with key employers and stakeholders, including the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Group Supports c19,000 students

Group Supports 19,000 students Graphic

We work in partnership with c3,000 employers

We work in partnership with 3,000 employers Graphic

We have a turnover of 49 million

We have a turnover of 49 million Graphic

We provide employment for 1,300 people

We provide employment for 1,300 people Graphic

Accessible education opportunities, enriching lives, creating bright futures

The Group provides an excellent learning experience to thousands of students every year, enabling them to develop and progress successfully to the next stage of their lives; be that advancement to further study including higher education and university, the world of work or establishing their own business, career progression, independent living and to contribute as positive, socially mobile citizens.

It is no longer acceptable just to celebrate the certificate. We need to ensure that all our students not only arrive at their intended destination but also that they are prepared for success.      

Our strategic ambitions remain resolutely focused on providing educational excellence, championing social mobility and enabling economic prosperity.

Our aspiration is to create accessible education opportunities that enrich the lives of all our students, delight our employers and stakeholders and positively impact on the communities, we serve, enabling the city of Derby, the county and region to thrive.

Derby College Making a Difference

The 16 to 19 Tuition Fund

The 16-19 tuition fund is a one-off funding allocation for 20-21 academic year only. The fund is being provided to support who have had their education disrupted due to COVID-19.

This support is available to students on a 16 to 19 study programme who have not achieved a grade 5 in English and/or Maths, although the tuition is not limited to these subjects.

DCG will be offering regular catch up session for students who achieved a grade 4 or below in their GCSE English and/or maths. These catch up sessions will vary depending on the needs of the individual students.

Catch up sessions for English and Maths:

  • Working with a teacher, either one-to-one or in groups of up to 5 students.
  • Support is being prioritised where students will benefit most from small group teaching in addition to planned timetable hours.
  • These sessions may take place in the morning, during lunch, at the end of the college day, or on a Saturday morning.
  • Sessions may be online or face-to-face.
  • We are recruiting more teachers to increase capacity for these sessions.
  • We are exploring different options of working with third party providers.

Study Support Coaches

  • Support students with their study habits and learning behaviours either one-to-one or in small groups of up to 5 students
  • Students are equipped with the skills and behaviours to become independent learners, manage their time effectively and develop their academic skills such as referencing, writing etc
  • Sessions are online or face-to-face
  • Vocational Catch Up Coaches

    • The role involves coaching/delivering subject content and providing practical and theoretical skill support to groups of around five study programmes students aged 16 to 19 on their subject studies. Coaching/catch up sessions will be of an hour to 90 minutes duration and be on a regular basis each week for targeted students.
    • There will be a catch-up coach for: Hair, Beauty, Construction Built Environment, Construction Building Services, Motor Vehicle and Engineering.

    Digital Skills Trainers

    • The Digital Skills Trainer is responsible for the design and delivery of comprehensive, student focused, and progressive digital literacy development.
    • Students will be supported with their digital skills to ensure they are not falling behind with their studies via virtual learning
    • Students will be supported either one-to-one or in small groups

Academy of Professional Education - Profiles

Lesley Jackson (BA Hons), MA, PGCE, Chartered FCIPD

Lesley is an experienced training and development professional with an excellent track record in establishing trusting partnerships with clients, and engaging and motivating learners in groups and on a one-to-one basis. She has designed and delivered training for managers and front-line staff, working in a variety of sectors, for example, education, housing, retail, transport and the local government. Lesley’s specialist areas include coaching & mentoring, and train the trainer courses, as well as leadership and effective communication, presentation & facilitation skills and diversity & inclusion. She has successfully trained people from all levels in organisations up to board members, as well as non-employees such as contractors, volunteers and community resident groups.

Michael Thompson, MA Ed, PGCE, FSET

Michael is the manager of the Professional Education, Training and Development Academy. He is an enthusiastic educator within the FE sector and an experienced teacher practicing in both Secondary and Further Education in academic contexts and specialising in the teaching of A levels across a range of humanities subjects. Having gained this experience alongside academic achievement he currently lectures on the PGCE and Cert Ed teacher qualifications, allowing for his experience to support the development and understanding of teaching practices in a wide range of educational settings.

Most recently he continues to work on educational trust boards to enhance recruitment practices of teaching professionals across D2N2 and continues working to enhance the standards of teaching and learning across a range of centres and Trusts within the region. Accounts of these experiences have been published in education media.

Roberta Hall BSc (Hons), MPhil, Cert Ed, FHEA

Roberta is a teacher with over 30 years’ experience. She has delivered and managed A-level and vocational programmes in the FE and Skills sector and has been programme leader for the PGCE/Cert Ed. She is now a HE Advanced Practitioner, working with the higher education teaching community in the development of teaching, learning and assessment in higher education. Alongside this, she utilises her experience and expertise within the PGCE/Cert Ed programme, as a tutor and teacher. She is passionate about teaching, learning and assessment and is actively involved with developing new trainees to become outstanding practitioners. She is passionate about facilitating the sharing of good practice in order to transform lives and promote excellence in teaching.

Sally Jarvis BEd (Hons), MA, FHEA

Sally is an experienced teacher with an excellent track record in delivering on a range of programmes, and in a variety of learning contexts. Prior to becoming the programme leader for the Certificate in Education and PGCE programmes, Sally has held a number of roles within the FE sector. These have included working with learners at a variety of educational levels, managing college curriculum departments and whole college Inclusion Services. She has delivered accredited qualifications and championed the design of bespoke learning programmes for individual learners. Sally’s professional interests include disability and inclusive practice, as well as effective communication, leadership and educational management.

Joanna Francis BA (Hons), PGCE, IQA

Joanna is an experienced teacher and assessor who has worked within the education sector for the last 16 years, in a variety of roles from educational support worker, to childminder, to teaching assistant, to manager. She regularly writes articles for Early Years Educator magazine. She has excellent knowledge in the theory of children’s development and the practical application of policies and procedures to support training staff who work with children and young people. She is passionate about seeing the valuable role of support staff recognised and supported effectively, within all educational institutions. Joanna is experienced in teaching trainee teaching assistants and apprentice teaching assistants.

Shirley Foxon D32, D33, IQA

Shirley is an experienced training and development assessor and internal verifier. She is currently the Lead IV for her area and delivers the qualifications in a variety of sectors. She has an excellent track record with achievements, training, support and guidance. Shirley’s area of specialism also includes coaching qualifications which include both taught and work based qualifications. Within her professional role as an assessor and internal verifier she has gained extensive experience working with external customers in providing advice and guidance on qualifications we offer. Her vast amount of experience enables Shirley to coach and assess individuals on the best way forward to meet individual and organisational needs.

Nicole Harley BA (Hons), PGCE

Nicole is the teacher and co-ordinator for the Level 2, 3 and 4 Supporting Teaching and Learning programmes in the academy. She is a very enthusiastic educator working with learners within a broad range of provisions, including adult education, 16-19 provisions and early years. Nicole’s professional interests include child development , theoretical perspectives and inclusion. Nicole has utilised her skills and experience within the teaching assistant programmes and is continuing to develop the curriculum area, to enhance the learning experience for trainee teaching assistants.

Risha Schmelich A1, PTTLS, CTTLS, EPA

Risha is an experienced trainer assessor who has worked in the education sector and apprenticeship organisations for over 16 years, with experience in delivering Early Years and teaching assistant qualifications. Risha enjoys engaging and motivating her learners either in groups online or in class as well as providing one to one support as required. Risha mostly enjoys the part of her role where she will go out into schools and observe her learners in practice. This is where she will use her skills as an EPA to develop and support her learners in order to prepare them for their end point assessment.

Kellie Hall L3 A&G

Kellie Hall is an experienced administrator and has worked in the Professional Education Academy for over 16 years. Her vital role includes offering advice and guidance to potential learners and she has a key role in recruiting and enrolling learners for a variety of programmes that we offer. Her excellent organisational skills ensures the smooth running of the office and support of the whole team Kellie is also involved in the sales and marketing of all our courses. Her knowledge and understanding of the programmes is essential in offering advice and guidance to our learners. Kellie’s expert knowledge and strong communication skills are an essential asset to the smooth running of the Academy. Kellie will be very happy to offer advice regarding all of our courses.

Lynsey Meakin BA (Hons), MA Education, PGDT, QTLS, FSET, MCE

Lynsey is an enthusiastic and developing initial teacher training educator. Lynsey is continually seeking new ways to develop our courses, and with her extensive industry knowledge is passionate about enabling our trainee teachers to become outstanding teaching practitioners. Lynsey is also experienced in teaching GCSE, A Levels, CACHE Childcare and BTEC Health and Social Care qualifications, and is also a course co-ordinator and lead IV. For the past few years Lynsey has been teaching the specialist science units on the BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care, including anatomy and physiology, physiological disorders and the physiology of fluid balance.

Emily Woodgate BA (Hons), PGCE

Emily is an assessor on the Level 2/3 Supporting Teaching and Learning programmes. One of the main elements of her role is to visit schools to assess teaching assistant trainees to complete observations and review progression of students. Having over 12 years’ experience within the education sector, from early years through to adult education, Emily is extremely passionate about high quality teaching and learning and actively promotes this to enable trainees to become excellent teaching assistants.


Are you looking for affordable and motivated Hospitality staff?

We can provide you with hospitality staff to cover casual shifts, flexible hours from our enthusiastic and employable student cohort. We already work with a number of large hospitality and event organisations in Derby to supply them with staff in the following areas:

  • Bar Staff – must be age 18+
  • Drink Service – Bar to table service
  • Glass collectors – Tables and pre drinks bar
  • Food service - Waiting on Tables
  • Event set up – preparing venue for service
  • Kitchen work – preparing food
  • Porters – in kitchen
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