16-18 Bursaries

If you are aged 16-18.....

We provide two bursaries to help with the costs associated with studying: the Discrentionary Bursary and the Guarantee Bursary. They are available to students who are enrolled on our further education courses - either full-time or part-time and who meet the right criteria. You will not be eligible if you are joining an apprenticeship, higher education or full-cost course.

If you are eligible, you can receive financial support to assist with course-related costs such as equipment, trips, travel and meals. We will, wherever possible, make these payments on your behalf.

You will need to be at least 16 but under 19 years of age or aged 18 on 31st August at the start of your course and now in the second year of your 2-year course; or aged 19 to 24 on 31st August and have an Education Health and Care Plan. You must also meet the residency criteria.

Email: studentsupportfund@derby-college.ac.uk

Guarantee Bursary of up to £1,200 a year

This funding is available for the following students:

Discretionary Bursary

Funding for the Discretionary Bursary is limited and it is not an entitlement. The Bursary is available to the following students:

What’s next?

If you’re looking to start a full-time or part-time further education course with us from September and think that you may be eligible for one of the bursaries, please download the application form from the end of August. Bring your completed application form with you to enrolment or call into one of our campuses and ask for the learner support fund

Support to pay for childcare

If you are aged 16-19 when you commence your course and require childcare funding, please contact the learner support fund as you will be able to apply to Care to Learn for your childcare support.


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