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Get ready for your exciting journey at DCG!

We want you to look forward to starting College. If you would like to discuss the support available to you, please don’t hesitate to email us. Pastoral Coaches

We’ll be continually updating the content on this page throughout the summer with dates for your diary, important information, helpful tips and resources.



Enrolment will take place between Thursday 22nd – Friday 30th August. If you’ve already applied you will receive an invitation in the post with an appointment time and location to meet our team in person. If you prefer, you can enrol online – you will receive a link via email over the summer, you’ll just need to follow the instructions to complete the enrolment process online and secure your place at College.

You will need the following to be able to complete your enrolment:

  • Two contact numbers and an email address of your parents/guardians or emergency contact.
  • Proof of ALL examination results (results slips/certificates).
  • Some proof of ID e.g. Passport, National Insurance Card, Driving Licence, Bank Credit/Debit Card.


Induction will take place for most students between Tuesday 3rd and Friday 6th September. You will be given more information during the enrolment process.



E-scooters are not permitted on any DCG campuses. Kindly consider this when planning your transport and travel arrangements.

Please note that for the academic year 2024/2025, bus services will commence on Tuesday 3rd September 2024. Take a look at the DCG Bus timetables to find your nearest stop and best route into College: Bus Times

We want you to get to College as easily, conveniently and cheaply as possible. We’ll help you find the best transport option – whether it’s cycling, using a motorcycle or moped, taking the train, catching a bus, or walking. Find out more: Transport-Getting to College


At DCG we have a set of behaviours we expect our students to aspire to; the ‘5 Ps of Professional Behaviour’ which are:

Positive: Being open-minded, willing to listen and celebrating diversity.
Polite: Speaking respectfully and appropriately.
Punctual: Arriving in class ready to begin learning on time.
Prepared: Being equipped and ready for lessons with a can-do attitude.
Professional: In dress, language and behaviour.

You can find out more by watching the video below.

hello and welcome to the five piece of professional behavior these are the five things we expect our employees and students to aspire to they are positive polite punctual prepared and professional the reason we have these expectations is so that everybody understands the types of behaviors that we want to promote and see at college the five PS will live with you throughout your journey at Darby college they are not to measure or a label they are an aspirational part of your journey and a part we hope that you can engage with and recognize in your own unique way we understand that everyone is different some people are bubbly and full of energy whilst others are quiet and prefer to be in the background and of course everything in between but our expectation is that everyone is positive about these differences and that they try to see the positive in their own and others differences if we are positive in our outlook about ourselves and others we will have a positive college community as with positive we understand that different people will have different expectations and perspectives about what is and isn’t polite our view is that we are all at college for the same reason to learn in and to develop into the best citizens and professionals that we can be by being polite in understanding the expectations of others and how we interact and communicate with them we are supporting this learning and development by avoiding unnecessary misunderstandings disagreements and interruptions to learning politeness isn’t just about what we say and do it is about listening to the people around you and learning what their expectations are this one is simple if your put your and on time for all lessons you won’t miss any learning and won’t be distraction to the learning of others we understand that sometimes you may be late due to matters outside of your control so please in these circumstances use the online absence and lateness notification system on our website under Quick Links and that’s it for this one being prepared isn’t just about having the right stationary equipment and personal protective equipment with you although this is of course important it is also about having a prepared attitude being prepared to learn prepare to challenge yourself and prepare to meet these expectations by being prepared with your kit and in your person you’re being prepared to succeed by being positive in your outlook polite in your interactions punch wall to your lessons and prepare to learn we believe you will be behaving in a professional way these expectations are also our expectations of ourselves and our employees and also believe that they are the expectations of any successful workplace thank you for listening and watching this short presentation look out for the five PS around college if you have any questions and/or wish to discuss these expectations with someone please talk to your personal tutor or progression coach thank you and goodbye