Meet the Governors

Mike Kapur

(Member of the Audit Committee)

Phillip Dover

(Vice-Chair, Standards Committee, Member of the Remuneration Committee and Strategy Committee and Link Governor for Higher Education) Independent Governor


Hazel Clint

(Member of Audit Committee and Lead Governor for Health and Safety)




Janet Morgan

(Chair of Corporation, Chair of Strategy Committee, Member of the Search and Governance Committee, Standards Committee and Remuneration Committee, chair of the Finance Committee)

John Clay

(Staff Governor)



Graham Schumacher

(Member of the Standards Committee and Link Governor Employer Engagement and Commercial)

Kevin Slack

(Chair of Audit Committee and Member of the Strategy Committee and Remuneration Committee)


Mandie Stravino MBA

(CEO of Derby College, Member of the Standards Committee, Strategy Committee and Search and Governance Committee)




(Member of the Finance Committee)



Sagar Johnson

(Student Governor, member of the Standards Committee)


Andrew Cochrane



Sue Bradley

(Member of the Standards Committee Link Governor for Safeguarding and Broomfield)



Alan Brady

(Member of Joseph Wright Local Education Board)



Stuart Ellis




Rosslyn Green

(Co-opted to the Audit Committee)




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