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Location: Broomfield Hall

Weeks: 1

Hours: 14.00

Interview: N

Course Summary

How can you influence the actions of others? If you are their line
manager, people will usually do what you ask – but what happens when
you are not their line manager? Today’s workplace regularly requires us
to work with other departments, project teams or organisations where we have no direct control. This brings a new set of challenges.
Our two-day course will equip you to work with people effectively
across boundaries, giving you the confidence to improve your working
relationships where you are not the boss.
It helps you find other ways of getting people on board, motivating
them, and helping them to understand how working with you and your
team will benefit everyone. It provides you with a different approach
based on relationships rather than authority.

Please Note: This course is run by Roundhouse Thinking. Visit the Roundhouse Thinking website for further information

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This course is run at the Broomfield Hall Campus

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