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Location: Broomfield Hall

Weeks: 1

Hours: 7.00

Interview: N

Course Summary

To manage people well, you need a complex set of skills, including understanding others and being able to motivate them, support them and gain their trust. It entails being able to explain tasks, to keep everyone on track and productive, and to become self-aware so that you know what it is like to work for you.
If that wasn’t challenging enough, every person you manage is different. You will need to be able to flex your style and adapt to individual needs, while keeping your eye on the bigger picture. Over two days, this course will give you plenty of tried-and-tested tips, techniques and theories. Then you will plan how to apply them to your own work context so that your people management skills will thrive.

Please Note: This course is run by Roundhouse Thinking. Visit the Roundhouse Thinking website for further information

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This course is run at the Broomfield Hall Campus

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