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Level: 2

Location: Workplace

Years: 2

Interview: Y

Course Summary

Healthcare support workers (HCSWs) work as part of a team providing high quality and compassionate care to individuals.

You will carry out well-defined routine clinical duties like monitoring an individual’s conditions (by checking things like blood pressure, temperature or weight) or checking on their overall progress, comfort and wellbeing. Depending on where you work, you may also help them to eat, drink, wash, dress or go to the toilet.

You will prepare individuals for healthcare activities carried out by other members of the healthcare team, looking after them before, during and/or after those activities in line with their care plan.

You will also carry out non-clinical duties and, depending on where you work, this could include tasks like keeping records, making beds, tidying up your work area, and returning or cleaning the equipment used during a clinical activity. You will be able to address straightforward problems in your day-to-day work, reporting concerns and changes to the appropriate person in a timely manner.

HCSWs work in a range of healthcare settings and your team may include workers from both health and social care. You will report to a registered healthcare practitioner who will directly or indirectly supervise your work.

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements but employers may run their own selection process.

Course Content

Skills and Knowledge:

  • Communication
  • Health intervention
  • Person-centred care and support
  • Dementia, cognitive issues and mental health
  • Basic life support
  • Physiological measurements
  • Personal and people development
  • Health, safety and security
  • Duty of care
  • Safeguarding
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Moving and handling
  • Equality and diversity

How will I be assessed?

Before going forward for end-point assessment, you must have completed:

  • The 15 standards required by the Care Quality Commission [as set out in the Care Certificate]
  • Level 1 Maths and English Functional Skills
  • An evidence portfolio documenting your knowledge and skills development as well as your approach to the workplace (values and behaviours). Evidence must be gathered following completion of the programme of training and development and during the three months leading up to the planned date of the end-point assessment.

Before going forward for end-point assessment, you must have attempted Level 2 Maths and English.

The end-point assessment will consist of the following:

  • 60-minute multiple choice test
  • 90-minute observation of practice
  • Evidence portfolio
  • 30-60 minute interview

Are there any additional costs or specialist equipment required?

Your employer will need to provide you with any Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) required legally and to help you to undertake your role safely.

What can I do after this course?

You will be able to move on to an advanced apprenticeship as a Senior Healthcare Support Worker and then to higher level apprenticeships in the same sector.

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