Apprentice Advice

What will happen to my existing training or any review visits that I have planned?

These will be completed remotely via OneFile, Microsoft Teams or via telephone. Don’t worry, your assessor / tutor will be in contact to ensure you have access to these systems and can provide guides for the apps. They will also be on hand to support for setting or resetting these systems and discuss the methods to record evidence.

When will I have a tutorial or my next visit?

When your tutor / assessor makes contact with you, they will confirm when they will be setting you work and will also confirm the date and time of their next contact visit with you.

How will we review progress?

Regular progress reviews are a crucial part of each apprenticeship and these will take place remotely via Microsoft Teams or over the telephone, we will also update your OneFile portfolio with you.

How do I make contact with my assessor or tutor if I have any queries or would like feedback?

When your tutor / assessor makes contact with you, they will confirm with you how they will be keeping contact, most methods of contact will be via OneFile, where you can send messages to your tutor, however tutors can also share their work contact numbers and work email addresses with you too. Your tutor / assessor will also confirm when you can expect a feedback on any work that you complete and submit.

What technology do you use?

Every apprentice should have access to OneFile – which is an e-portfolio account where Apprentices, Supervisors and our tutor / assessor can manage your learning and progress. We will continue to set work via OneFile for all apprentices and use Microsoft Teams (where applicable) to deliver one to one reviews and training sessions remotely. We will also be speaking with apprentices via telephone.

What about classroom sessions or onsite visits?

All classroom sessions and onsite visits will take place remotely.

Will English and maths still be part of my apprenticeship?

Absolutely, you will still be expected to study these subjects remotely. English and maths tutors will be making contact with you and providing you with access to resources. If you have any questions, please advise your assessor who will make contact with the tutors, should you not have received contact.

I usually receive support during classes. Can I access any additional help when working remotely?

Where possible, your tutor and/or your LSA will be able to support you online. If you need additional support, please let your trainer/assessor know.




Gateways are being delayed and we cannot complete the end-point assessment in the required time frame. Can we extend the EPA timeframe due to the current disruption?

Apprentices who are deemed ready for assessment, and cannot be assessed due to assessor illness, or Covid-19 related measures, are allowed to take a break before taking their EPA, and for the EPA to be rescheduled.

Will exams and end-point assessment take place as normal?

All scheduled EPA’s will still take place where they can be completed remotely. Where necessary your EPA may be extended for a further 12 weeks – but this is further time for you to revise and prepare. Your assessor will be on hand to support you should your EPA visit be subject to extension. Scheduled exams have been cancelled until further notice.

What will happen if I am not well enough to take my end-point assessment?

If you are unwell, or in a period of self-isolation, and unable to attend your end-point assessment, please contact your assessor as soon as possible, this is so we can ask for an extension for your EPA.

Will apprentices be able to complete their Apprenticeship on time?

Unless apprentices are unwell for a prolonged period (more than a month) or office closure means they are unable to put their skills into practice at work (and they can’t work from home) then the period of teaching and learning should finish as planned. If there are delays to exam sittings or end-point assessment, then end dates may be delayed in some cases.

Am I allowed to come into College to collect any work that I have left there?

Unfortunately, the DCG campuses are no longer open to students, following the Prime Ministers announcement on Monday 23rd March 2020. The Government have asked that over the next 3 weeks all individuals self-isolate to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Don’t worry though – as soon as the campuses are re-opened we will announce it on our website.

What if I become ill or need to self-isolate?

Apprenticeships are designed to work around interruptions such as illness and holidays. Where a longer break (of a month or more) is needed, a formal “break in learning” is possible. Apprentices who are working at home can continue as normal with their apprenticeship.

How do I let the College know if I am unwell?

If you are unable to study at home due to illness, please continue to report your absence on Moodle and let your assessor / tutor know that you are unable to work.

What happens to an apprentice during a period of unpaid leave in terms of monies. Do they have access to Universal Credit?

Universal Credit may be available for both workers and the unemployed alike, as long as they meet the other conditions of entitlement (including that the applicant and their partner have savings of under £16,000 between them). Apprentices may be entitled to access Universal Credit during a period of unpaid leave. They may also have access to Universal Credit even if they were working and being paid. Being laid off or on a lesser number of hours could increase the rate of Universal Credit entitlement.

Apprentices on unpaid leave may also be eligible for other benefits.

Through the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, all UK employers will be able to access support to continue paying part of their employees’ salary for those employees that would otherwise have been laid off during this crisis. HMRC will reimburse 80% of furloughed workers wage costs, up to a cap of £2,500 per month.

For further information please visit: i

My employer is asking me to take a period of unpaid leave, what happens to my apprenticeship during that time?

Where you are no longer able to work, but have not been made redundant, you can take a break from your apprenticeship and resume when you return to work. Please get in touch with your assessor / tutor – they will work with your employer to discuss how to implement a Break-In-Learning.

Once you are back at work, you can resume your apprenticeship, which your training provider can help with too. You should refer any queries around terms and conditions, including wages, to your employer in the first instance.

The ACAS website may also be a good source of information.

My employer may need to make me redundant. What happens to my apprenticeship?

Please speak to your Assessor / Tutor, if you are made redundant we have 12 weeks to secure another employer for you. Following securing a new Employer your apprenticeship training may be able to continue as long as your new Employer can meet the requirements of the Apprenticeship.

I’m really worried about coronavirus/covid-19.

Young Minds UK have put together an article with some helpful advice and useful resources. Access this here.

Stopping the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The UK government has issued clear guidance on how we can all work together to stop the spread of Coronavirus and save lives during the outbreak. The most important aspect of this guidance for people with no symptoms is 'social distancing'. This means:

Stay at home:

1. Only go outside for food, health reasons or work (where this absolutely cannot be done from home)

2. Stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people

3. Wash your hands as soon as you get home

For more information about how to keep yourself and others safe at this time please visit:

Who to contact for further help:

If you are unable to contact your Assessor or Tutor in the first instance, then please contact the following people relating to the sector you are working in:

- Construction & Land Based:                 Kirstin Fowler
- Engineering:                                       Dharm Dhaliwal
- People, Services & Education:             Fiona Skinner
- Business, Digital & Creative:                Pete Hardwick
- Hospitals & Public Sector:                    Donna Evans-Thomas