About Derby College

The Derby College Group is accountable for meeting the needs of its community, both business and civic.

Mandie Stravino - derby college ceo

DCG plays a pivotal role in providing academic, vocational and technical education in Derby and Derbyshire, as well as the wider Midlands region.

Responsible for generating the future talent required by business, DCG ensures that the local workforce is equipped with the skills, education, attitudes and behaviours that employers require to compete in a challenging economic environment.

The provision is driven by market intelligence, local priorities, and economic requirements and through strategic discussion with key employers and stakeholders, including the Local Enterprise Partnership.

Group Supports c19,000 students

Group Supports 19,000 students Graphic

We work in partnership with c3,000 employers

We work in partnership with 3,000 employers Graphic

We have a turnover of 49 million

We have a turnover of 49 million Graphic

We provide employment for 1,300 people

We provide employment for 1,300 people Graphic

Accessible education opportunities, enriching lives, creating bright futures

The Group provides an excellent learning experience to thousands of students every year, enabling them to develop and progress successfully to the next stage of their lives; be that advancement to further study including higher education and university, the world of work or establishing their own business, career progression, independent living and to contribute as positive, socially mobile citizens.

It is no longer acceptable just to celebrate the certificate. We need to ensure that all our students not only arrive at their intended destination but also that they are prepared for success.      

Our strategic ambitions remain resolutely focused on providing educational excellence, championing social mobility and enabling economic prosperity.

Our aspiration is to create accessible education opportunities that enrich the lives of all our students, delight our employers and stakeholders and positively impact on the communities, we serve, enabling the city of Derby, the county and region to thrive.

Derby College Making a Difference

Catch up Clubs

DCG will be offering regular catch up clubs for students who achieved a grade 4 or below in their GCSE English and/or maths. These catch up clubs will vary depending on the needs of the individual students.

Catch up clubs include:

Catch up clubs involve coaching and providing study skills to groups of up to five study programme students aged 16-19. Clubs will vary, with bitesize activities ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour per week on a regular basis for targeted students. These clubs will be in addition to the students planned timetabled sessions.

Some clubs will be working with 3rd party providers

During the catch up clubs students will be set work, activities and problems to solve to help stimulate and accelerate students’ focus and progress.