2021 Teacher Assessed Grades (TAG) Appeals Process

Student’s unequivocal Right to a Review and Appeal

  • All students, whose grades are subject to the TAG process will have the right to instruct the college to conduct a Centre Review and where they disagree with the outcome of that review, request that the Centre submis an appeal to the Awarding Body on behalf of themselves, in relation to their TAG.
  • The College will have no discretion regarding such a review; and they will be obliged to submit the appeal to the Awarding Body.

Grounds of Appeal – Responsibility of the student

  • The student will be responsible for outlining what their grounds of appeal are.
  • There are three grounds of appeal:
    1. Procedural (i.e. - the College has not abided by its’ own policies and procedures)
    2. Administrative (i.e. – the College or Awarding Body have awarded an incorrect grade by mistake)
    3. Academic Judgements (i.e. – whether the teacher failed to used a holistic, accurate and reasonable ‘basket of evidence’ in determining the TAG)

Grounds of Appeal:

a) Procedural

b) Administrative

c) Academic Judgements

  • Procedural Errors – This is where a centre has failed to follow their own policies and procedures. The centre’s written procedure will contain a summary of appropriate evidence to be used. Therefore, the appeals process will focus upon what evidence was selected, and whether or not it was in line with a Centre’s own policies and procedures.
  • Administrative errors – This is where either the centre or Awarding Organisation has made an administrative error in relation to a student’s TAG.
  • Academic Judgements – This is where the original TAG judgement failed to be informed by a holistic, accurate and reasonable ‘basket of evidence’. Where a student challenges the TAG judgement, and suggests the use of alternative evidence, the question remains whether the original judgement was reasonable / unreasonable; and not whether the evidence suggested by the student, was or might have been as or more appropriate.
    • Corrective Results

      • Where a TAG is judged to be too high or too low due to an error in one of the above, it will be referred to as ‘incorrect’ and it is Awarding Organisations who make the final decision whether to correct the result, and what the revised result should be.


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