Strategic Ambitions for 2014-17

We have high aspirations and our four strategic ambitions outline these. They will drive us to champion excellence every day and they support our mission to prepare individuals for the next phase of their lives.     

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ambition 1

Transform our learners’ experience

  • Guiding people onto a learning pathway that leads to a positive destination and future prosperity
  • Continually improving teaching, learning, assessment and support to raise our standards
  • Providing safe and inspiring environments that encourage progress and aspirational outcomes
  • Developing advocates for educational change
  • Championing excellence, every day, to achieve success for all

Pathways to future prosperity

By providing appropriate and impartial information, advice and guidance, we inspire and motivate people, stimulating aspirations and guiding people onto a learning pathway that leads to a positive destination.

We provide safe and inspiring environments and embed technology everywhere to foster an independent learning culture.

ambition 1

A passion for learning – high expectations

By pursuing brilliance in Teaching and Learning and focusing on a culture of continuous improvement, we will raise our standards and provide an exceptional learning journey for all.

We will strive to ensure our learners are challenged, engaged, and make progress every single day to support achievement of aspirational outcomes and a gateway to future success.

ambition 2

Revolutionise our offer

  • Providing fit-for-purpose learning opportunities shaped by local priorities and employers
  • Creating pathways and environments that prepare people for work, entrepreneurship and higher study
  • Meeting the technological needs of learners with particular focus on our millennial generation
  • Embedding enterprise, entrepreneurial thinking and maths and English into all learning journeys
  • Rooting citizenship, well-being and enrichment across our offer to positively impact on individuals and the communities we serve

A vital link between education and employment

Our curriculum strategy, much of which is directly supported and shaped by employers, centres on a coherent offer and provides learners with a clear line of sight to their preferred career. In forecasting future workforce requirements, we design fit-for-purpose learning pathways, recognising local economic priorities.

Our Employment and Skills Academies, established in collaboration with employers to offer professional mentoring and work experience opportunities, ensure learners on our vocational programmes are ‘work-ready’.

We support the generation of a talent pool for business by equipping learners with skills, attitudes and confidence in both English and mathematics that will enable them to add value to their employer from day one.

ambition 2

ambition 3

Contribute to economic growth and social prosperity

  • Forecasting the future workforce requirements to support local priorities
  • Producing a talent pool equipped with the right skills, qualities and attitudes to meet the needs of employers: consuming and creating jobs
  • Working with local communities to create sustainable job opportunities
  • Championing social prosperity through education and community action
  • Creating a line of sight to work, and independent living, for all

At the heart of the community

In order to meet the needs of our civic community, we must play our part in making Derby a better place to work and live. We will work with local communities to create sustainable job opportunities.

We embrace our social, civic and environmental responsibilities, participating in key local forums with other stakeholders to make a genuine difference to the city and region.

As a corporate citizen, we place great emphasis on enhancing community cohesion, promoting an entrepreneurial spirit in our neighbourhoods and addressing behavioural, cultural and aspirational challenges.

ambition 3

Promoting economic prosperity

We must forecast future workforce requirements and ensure we are well informed to support local priorities and able to demonstrate high levels of flexibility and creativity in responding to our employers’ needs.

Through strategically engaging employers and business effectively, we will help drive forward the crucial process of skills development from apprenticeships right through to higher education programmes.

ambition 4

Invest in our learning environment by improving our financial health

  • Ensuring our core government agency funded learner numbers and financial targets are met
  • Increasing our commercial and international offer
  • Developing alternative income streams
  • Delivering high quality business systems that increase efficiencies and effectiveness across the organisation
  • Maximising the sustainable use of our resources for positive financial and environmental benefits

A sustainable and secure future

We have set a variety of strategic objectives which will support us in achieving our government grant targets and learner numbers. Our focus is to secure the appropriate pathway for every young person who comes through our door.

We will need to achieve challenging targets for commercial growth through new initiatives including: ‘Learning for Leisure’, ‘Roundhouse Thinking’ and ‘Roundhouse Events’.

Our ‘Learning for Leisure’ programme is a return to the days of learning a new skill for the sheer joy, from languages and hobby skills to social media and photography.

Our ‘Roundhouse Thinking’ division aims to supports and sustain business growth through a suite of executive and management training programmes.

‘Roundhouse Events’ has already played host to a wide range of prestigious corporate events, from conferences, gala dinners and award ceremonies to weddings, exhibitions and TV shows, including Question Time and the Antiques Roadshow.

We will continue to develop alternative revenue streams, seeking out new opportunities. We will also focus on delivering high quality business systems that increase efficiencies and effectiveness across the organisation to contribute to an overall improvement, financial stability and investment in future resources.

ambition 4

Derby College is an approved partner of the University of Derby.

The University of Derby is a Top 50 UK university* and provides students with the best possible start in their careers through excellent teaching, delivered in cutting-edge facilities by staff who are experts in their field. 96% of University of Derby students are in work or further study within six months of completing their degree**.

*The Guardian University Guide 2017
** HESA 2016, graduating class over 2000

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